IMG_7102In stone oven baked pizza can and bread in true Italian style. Here is a simple explanation of how it is used.

Expect that the furnace will need 2-3 hours to get hot enough to fry pizza. When frying bread should warm up the oven the day before.

To go forward:

Lift off the oven door, it is not used when the fire is lit..

IMG_7112Clear / sweep out any ash in the oven. We encourage you to clean the oven after use, so it can easily be used by the next person.

Light a campfire about the middle of the oven, and HIV in ample by. When you find the vedkjelleren under Major Tornaia, or in the space under the oven. Remove objects located in the doorway, as they may take guy.

Continue to fire to walls and ceilings inside the oven gets a whitish color. When the oven is hot enough. This may take 2-3 hours depending on how much you guys. Fires one lot and while you will get a hot stove is hot long.

Wait until the fire has turned into embers. Then use a suitable tool, that you find in vedkjelleren, to push the fire / embers aside. Now the oven is ready for use. IMG_7127

Other tips to pizza making:

In vedkjelleren is also a pizza shovel. Put some flour on the shovel that pizzas are not sticking. It is recommended to use durum wheat flour (in Italian “whole wheat flour” or “durum wheat flour”) this, because it burns at a higher temperature.

It requires some technique to get the pizzas in and out right, it may be wise to have made some extra dough first time so you can trial and error.

IMG_7157It is common to cook pizza in two rounds. First baked pizza base alone for it to be easier to work with. It is also possible to roast it with tomato sauce if desired. When the bottom has been little firm, takes it out and putting on tomato sauce, cheese and other desired fill. One can fry in batches if some of the stuffing must be cooked more than the other.

vær opmerksom, pizzas shalt not lie inside very long before they get scorched.

Making pizza is fun at any age. Young children should be kept away from the stove itself, but they may well be to decide what should be on pizzas.
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