Map over the farm

On this page there are two maps. The first map is the first floors , and the other is the ground floors . Below the maps there are explanations of the various items on the maps .

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Stallen (under Lille Tornaia) Vedkjeller (under store Tornaia) Kastanjetørkehuset (under kastanjetørkeloftet) Kastanjetørkehuset (under kastanjetørkeloftet) Chitignano - den lokale landsbyen


Main Units
All inclusive If you rent the whole place, everything is included. In high season it is only possible to rent the whole place. In other periods you may rent parts of the property.Click here for more info.
Tornaia Grande Three bedrooms, large living / dining room with kitchen, bathroom and more. Click here for more info.
Tornaia PiccolaOne bedroom with private balcony, large living / dining room with kitchen and a bathroom. Click here for more info.
Ekstra Units *
The StableLarge room with bed and kitchen. Own bath with shower. Located below Tornaia Piccola. Click here for more info.
The AnnexTwo bedrooms and a bathroom. Both bedrooms have bunk beds and a small desk. The bottom bunk in both rooms is wide (140 cm). Click here for more info.
External BedroomA bedroom with double bed and private entrance. Click here for more info.
The Chestnut AtticA small bedroom with two single beds,,no,a small refrigerator and a sink,,no, et lite kjøleskap og en vask. Click here for more info.
*To hire additional units you must rent Tornaia Grande and/or Tornaia Piccola. If you rent the entire place everything is included.
The swimming poolAvailable for all guests. 5m x 10m swimming pool. The pool has a shallow end with stairs and is deeper in the opposite end. There is a light in and around the swimming pool for those who are happy to swim in the warm night.
The Pool TerraceAvailable for all guests. Table with six chairs by the swimming pool. There is space on the stone slabs around the swimming pool and on the lawn. Deck chairs can be found in The Chestnut House.
La CapannaAvailable for all guests. Table and benches in the shade.
La PergolaAvailable for the guests of Tornaia Grande. Dining tables under a canopy of vines that provide shade without taking all the sun. Great views of the valley.
The Stable TerraceAvailable to guests in the Stable. Sheltered terrace with table and chairs overlooking the valley.
The South TerraceAvailable to guests at Tornaia Piccola. Dining area on the south side of the yard with a great view.
Stalls and cellar
Main cellarBasement under The Tornaia Grande with logs and tools.
Chestnut HouseRoom below The Chestnut Attic. Here we store deck chairs, cushions for the various outdoor seatings.
The Rabbit HouseIn the old days there were rabbits on the farm.
The Pool ShedStorage for swimming pool items.

Store Tornaia Lille Tornaia Annekset Annekset Esktra Soverom Esktra Soverom Kastanjetorkeloftet Kastanjetorkeloftet Chitignano - den lokale landsbyen Bassenget Bassenget Bassengterrassen - Felles uteplass La Capanna - Felles uteplass La Pergola - Uteplass Store Tornaia Stallterrassen - Uteplass Stallen Stallterrassen - Uteplass Stallen Sørterrassen - Uteplass Lille Tornaia Sørterrassen - Uteplass Lille Tornaia Kaninhuset Kaninhuset Bassengboden