Kulpen (18 km)


Kulpen is a pretty seaside place for both large and small. Here, the smallest gain vasse and leke in the quiet river, while the larger can swim in the natural bassenget. Those who søker action can jump from avsatsene on the wall from approximately 3 to about 6 meters. However, be careful and undersøk even where it is safe å jump. Around kulpen is fine opportunities to stream beat seg down with both sun and shade, so this is also a perfect place for a picnic. In summer it can be a bit of people there, but in spring and autumn can be lucky to get the place all to themselves.

Further down the page there is a set of directions leading to a bridge. Kulpen located a few hundred meters further down the river that runs under the bridge, so it applies only to follow the river down until you reach the. There are gravel roads / trails on both sides of the bridge that leads.


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