La Tornaia

Before departure


You will receive one key. This opens the closet where you will find two sets of keys to all six units (Tornaia Grande, Tornaia Piccola, The Stable, The Annex, The External Bedroom, The Chestnut Attic).

In the classical Italian way there is not on the outside door handle and the door snaps locked when closed. From the outside door can only be opened with a key. Therefore,, always leave the key in the lock on the outside when you are present. And, never leave the key in the inside of the door, then it is not possible to unlock the door from outside with another key.

All the keys should be returned to their place before departure, two sets for each door. The one key received before arrival should be returned to us after you have returned home and must be returned to us before the security deposit refunded.

Other keys:
Keys to the outhouse (Chestnut House) with pool furniture, for the swimmingpool, the cellar and more hanging just inside the front door in both houses. These keys should hang in the same place when you leave. There is only one key that you bring back.

Bed linen and towels:

This is included in the rent.
It is dishwasher and washing machine at both Store- and Little Tornaia, as well as a dishwasher at the Stable.

In Italy

Front door:
Italian tradition: Not on the outside door handle - door snaps into place.
Leave the key in the door on the outside while you are at home!

Wireless broadband:
Little Tornaia and Stable: dlinknor, password: norvegia2011
Tornaia Grande: Netgear, requires no password

There are plenty of large public trash cans alongside the roads. Waste can be sorted in regular trash, bottles / glass and paper. All are welcome to gather in various containers vedkjelleren.

Pool Furniture, cushions for chairs, outdoor holders for T-candleight may be found in the Chestnut House

Fine for uteblomster in jars and roses watered during periods of low rainfall.

The panel is in the door. This must be opened to access.
"On / Off" button to the left and Program selection button is to the right.
Please, turn the machines OFF when not in use

Mosquito nets in front of windows (door in the bedroom at Lille Tornaia and Stable)
Opens and closes easily by sliding sideways.

The timer may be set either

  1. Manual = drawing of a hand (straight up).
  2. Time = oven switched off automatically when time is up.

When the timer: is off ( there it is no power supply).

Electricity: (fuses can go lightning / thunderstorm)
Fuse box on the wall just inside the front door in both houses, and a separate inside the stables.
The main fuse box is on the outside wall of Major Tornaia (wall towards the pool).
Fuses to the pool is on the wall inside the cellar.

The main water and gas stoppers:
Tornaia Grande
Water: In cellar high on the wall next to the fuse box for the swimming pool.
Tap water is safe to drink! (Do not drink from the tap at the poolside)
Gas: High on the exterior wall outside garage. In addition, a switch to gas stove in the cupboard next to the stove.

Little Tornaia and Stable
Water: The manhole in the courtyard between Tornaia Grande and Tornaia Piccola (Tornaia Piccola and The Annex has separate main water taps)
Gas: In the courtyard, doorstep to Lille Tornaiat, i in small manhole. In addition there is a gas stove switch to the cabinet next to the stove in both stable and Lille Tornaia..

Hot water and radiators (gas-based, located in the vestibule to the bathroom / toilat at Tornaia Grande and in cabinet on the wall outside the front door of Tornaia Piccola):

Hot water:
1) "On / Off" switch on the wall: On
2) "On / Off" switch panel: On
Now illuminated green light.
3) Panel switch for hot water (picture of a shower) Turn the max.
Now there is hot water in the hot water taps in the Major and Minor Tornaia Tornaia.
4) To get hot water in the annex and stables must switch panel radiators in Lille Tornaia also screwed on.
5) For heating of the radiators the switch for the radiators must be switched on, then you have a thermostat in the living room in (Tornaia Grande), and in the the bedroom of (Tornaia Piccola, in time in the Annex and the wall by the front door at the Stable) set to the desired temperature. Finally, the radiators desired for heating must be opened separately.
Know that you turn off switches for heating, by turn off the radiators and turning downthe thermostat before you depart!
It may take some time before the hot water arrives. It is heats up on demand by gas.

Mario Ceccolini, Rosina, caretaker and friend
Rita Ciabatti, Rosina, helps with the cleaning
Maximum Tellini, Chitignano – he dresses the swimming pool

Call us if you need help or have questions:
Signe Flottorp: +47 99 50 43 76
Albert Paus +47 90 92 37 90

Groceries, bank, drugstore

It's nice to stroll up to Oliviero in the mornings and buy fresh "panini" (rolls). If you walk up the path from the courtyard up past The Chestnut House - turn right when the road ends in a farm road, in Chitignano you find Oliviero shop by turning left at the end of the road. He opens at 8, and in the summer season (august) also open Sunday mornings.

You may want to order panini the next day, then you are sure they are not sold out. Oliviero has most of what you need, but it is easier to shop big on Coop'en just outside Bibbiena. Drive past Bibbiena towards Poppi, follow the road towards Poppi in the first runfkjøring. At the second roundabout turn towards Bibbiena and d you come to a large new coop that has everything you need and then some. It is also a good supermarket in Rassina.

In Chitignano there are several other small stores, a bar with newspapers, bank with ATM and a pharmacy. At the pharmacy or at the bar, you can hire key to the tennis court.

Il Vinaio is a cozy wine- and delicacy shop in Poppi. Il Vinaio is located in Ponte a Poppi opposite an ica cream shop with fantstic italian goods (not up in the old Poppi).

There is a local market in Rassina Wednesday morning, and Bibbiena Thursday morning, ostebil in Chitignano Tuesday morning.

Local restaurants:

Remember that Italians eat pranzo (lunch) roughly 1300-1400, og dinner (evening dinner from approximately 2000). It may be difficult to get served food later in the afternoon 1430! The restaurants have regular weekday they are closed, and they may be completely closed for holidayperiods.

In Chitignano(population ca 900 residents). There are two restaurants It is recommended to walk up - bring flashlights for the journey home! It may be wise to book a table in weekends.
The Three Fountains (The traditional and most visited) – 0575 596 717, the best of the two - closed Mondays.
Da' iGaglioffo (Pension and restaurant) – 0575 596 374

By car you can drive for a short visit a number of restaurants. The nearest is on the way to Rassina - by the river –
Panta Rei, (filosofi teacher runs this place is situated on side of a small river) – 0575 591 500

In Rassina we use two restaurants: across the river towards Talla - there is a simple restaurant called The Mulinen0575 59 27 97 (Closed Tuesdays).
Restaurant Pizzeria Anzivino – Located in the Rassina, telefone 0575 591910
Restaurant Valenzano Castle: a nice restaurant in an old castle: 0575 487294

For øvrig det er mange enjoys spisesteder overalt - the Bibbiena, the Poppi, the Stia, on La Verna.