Until the door

On this page is described how to get right up to the door at La Tornaia. At the top there is a simple home crafted directions, and further down on this page there is a map with directions from Google Maps. In the map from Google Maps, you can also get directions from elsewhere than Arezzo.

Arezzo Fra med bil:
Follow signs for Bibbiena. The first leg of the ring road around the city ('All the way'). From this turn off at highway north towards Bibbiena and Valle Casentino. The signs along the ring road is good. Follow the road from Arezzo to Bibbiena to Rassin. It is about 30 kilometers between Arezzo and Rassin. In Rassina taking a right at the signpost towards Chitignano and ChiusiHelt til døren Verna. After Rassin follow a road to Chignano 5,1 miles to the exit on the left toward Rosina. Note that this is the second time Rosina sign displayed. Taking one of the first time, go on tour Taena og Rosina før one arrives, - See map sketch below.
After taking off in the direction Rosina is approximately 900 meters down to the sign on the right hand pointing up to La Tornaia (gårdsvei to 900m).Helt til døren2


to the door (point B), directions from Google Maps:
Here is a map from Google with directions to La Tornaia. You can replace Arezzo in the box at the bottom of the map by address (or place / city) For directions from. Then click “Get directions”. Det er også mulig å dra markørene dit du ønsker.